Auto Services Group traces its roots back to 1999, when our Director, Kristian Appelt, moved to Osaka, Japan to take up a role as an English teacher. Whilst searching for a car of his own at the local auctions, his eye for detail and vehicle model knowledge were such that he was offered a role as an auction agent, inspecting and buying cars at auctions all over Japan and exporting them to vehicle dealers around the world. 

Upon his return to Australia, Kristian set up his own business called Iron Chef Imports; a direct-to-the-consumer brokerage service that bypassed the traditional dealership model, saving customers thousands of dollars in the process. By 2007, Iron Chef Imports had grown to a point where Kristian was regularly travelling to Japan on buying trips for the many customers who wanted their cars personally inspected by him prior to bidding.

With Iron Chef Imports already a full-time operation at this point, requests came for a similar brokerage service from the US and the UK, particularly from ex-pats returning to Australia and wanting to bring their cars with them. This demand led to the creation of Iron Block Imports, specialising in US vehicles, and Iron Lady Imports, covering vehicles from the UK, NZ and other parts of the world.

In 2013, the decision was made to incorporate the various businesses under the Auto Services Group banner, enabling the newly-formed company to expand its portfolio of online brands in a rapidly-changing business environment. Regardless of the brand, our mission remains true: to provide our customers with a high-quality, personalised automotive experience.