Auto Services Group supplied the vehicles for this Toyota Japan advertisement, filmed in outback South Australia.

Filming on location in Australia and looking to bring over vehicles for your shoot? Australia does NOT allow vehicles to enter the country temporarily on ATA Carnets, but there are other avenues that involve seeking industry-specific and purpose-specific import approvals that are unique to your requirements. 

Auto Services Group can arrange either temporary or permanent import approvals, depending on whether you intend to re-export the vehicles or sell them after filming. We can also provide a turn-key package if you require vehicle sourcing, logistical support from the country of origin, and even local road registration in Australia if needed. Once you’re done, we can even assist with selling vehicles locally or back in the country of origin, to get the best prices possible and help minimise your production costs.

If you’re looking for specific cars available locally in Australia, Auto Services Group has a vast network of enthusiasts willing to rent their vehicles for film work. We love a challenge: in the past we’ve managed to source imported vehicles so rare that not even local enthusiasts knew there were examples in the country.