Auto Services Group provided logistical support for the Porsche World Expedition, driving Porsche Cayennes across Australia.

Setting up a virtual network in Australia

With retail purchasing habits changing, buyers are far more willing to order their vehicles online. This presents an opportunity for new manufacturers to market their products in Australia without the need for a traditional dealership network. Auto Services Group can assist manufacturers with establishing a presence in Australia cheaply and effectively, providing all the necessary support with approvals and associated red tape. 

Hot weather testing

Australia‚Äôs harsh summer climate offers manufacturers the ability to complete hot-weather testing of upcoming models during what are the winter months in the northern hemisphere. 

For many manufacturers, the challenges of shipping the cars to Australia and getting them approved and registered mean that the idea of hot-weather testing here never advances beyond the discussion stage. It is even more difficult for manufacturers who do not sell their products in Australia and therefore have no representatives for local support.

Auto Services Group can provide an extensive range of logistical support services for manufacturers, including discreet importation and customs clearance of vehicles, route mapping, tour guides, day-ahead drivers, local registration authority liaison and much more. Let us arrange everything for you so that you can focus on your testing objectives.

Driving events

Manufacturer driving events, with vehicles supplied from overseas, have been all but impossible to conduct in Australia, due to the complexities of local importation and registration requirements. This is where we come in!

In 2018, Auto Services Group assisted Porsche with the first leg of the Porsche World Expedition, which involved entrants driving brand new European-spec left-hand-drive Porsche Cayennes from Brisbane to Perth via the Simpson Desert. The logistics required for the event were both extensive and complex, and included a reconnaissance drive of the entire route as well as import and export of the vehicles. Our local knowledge and event management experience proved invaluable on many occasions, ensuring that the event was both challenging and unforgettable for those who entered.