Iron Chef Imports

As our flagship brand, Iron Chef Imports has imported thousands of high-quality Japanese vehicles for Australian enthusiasts over more than twenty years, forging a reputation for sourcing and importing immaculate cars at great prices.

Iron Lady Imports

Iron Lady Imports helps ex-pats and new migrants import their vehicles with them when they move to Australia, primarily from the UK but now also countries such as New Zealand, United States, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, Singapore and even South America! We also assist Aussie buyers to import vehicles they have purchased overseas.

Iron Block Imports

If US muscle cars are your passion, Iron Block Imports can help. Do the deal, and we will handle the rest of the importation process, right through to left-hand drive registration in Australia. More recently, we have also been importing JDM vehicles from the US.


Autovaluation provides a specialised valuation service for imported vehicles, determining the customs value on arrival to Australia. Our valuation calculator, developed in-house by our own staff, allows importers to know their tax liability ahead of time and takes the guesswork out of valuing vehicles.


Curious about owning a hybrid or electric vehicle, but don’t want to pay through the nose for a new vehicle? E-Garage helps EV enthusiasts source their vehicles from overseas, offering the market greater choice and saving owners thousands of dollars. 

Aussie Car Exporters

All the things we normally do, but in reverse! ACE provides purchasing and logistical support for international clients wishing to buy vehicles in Australia. 

Supercar Compliance

As the name suggests, Supercar Compliance (or ‘Supercomp’ for short) specialises in complying late model supercars and hypercars for road use in Australia. Allow our expert vehicle compliance team to collaborate with the workshop of your choice. (Psst we can comply normal vehicles too!)

All Japan Day

Dating back to 2008, the All Japan Day car show now plays host to more than 650 vehicles at its annual event, held in February each year, raising almost $150,000 for charity along the way. AJD Classic covers vehicles 25 years and older, and involves a drive to National Motor Museum in Birdwood, South Australia.